I am a senior at the University of Minnesota pursuing a Computer
Engineering degree. Currently working at MTS Systems Corporation as a
Software Engineering Intern. I am interested in the fields of software engineering,
full stack development, project management, and finance.

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Here are various software and hardware personal projects I have worked on or contributed to recently.


Created a full stack web application that compares statistics between soccer players and teams. Leveraged Django REST framework to create an API that connects our SQLite database to a React/Redux frontend.

LED Fruit Detector

EE2361 Group Project. Developed an API for an interactive device implemented through the PIC24FJ64GA002 Microcontroller. When a specific fruit is touched, it is relayed through the CAP1188 sensors, and a customized animation will be displayed on the RGB LED matrix through enabling an appropriate bit stream.

Correlation Tracker Tool

Built an elegant equity returns correlation tracker that computes the Pearson correlation coefficient against the returns of a customized portfolio and generates a heatmap built with Python deployed with Flask, Seaborn, and Yahoo Finance API.

Memories Project

Created a full stack MERN application built with React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Material-UI icons. A classic social media app that allows users to post memories and events throughout their lives with other implemented CRUD operations.

Algorithms and Optimization Techniques for TSP

Conducted a comparative study to test and evaluate the performance of three algorithms with Python that attempt to solve the traveling salesman problem: Simulated Annealing, Ant Colony Optimization, and Genetic Algorithm. Research paper was documented through LaTeX.

Work Experience

Software Engineering Intern

MTS Systems Corporation - Eden Prairie, MN

May 2020 - Current

MTS Systems Corporation is a leading global supplier of test, simulation, and measurement systems in the industries of vehicles, aircraft, biomedical devices, and civil structures. Throughout my time as a Software Engineering intern here, I gained exposure to various leaders of the industry that provided me an abundance of expertise and experience in the software engineering field. I primarily worked with the RPC Team where I was able to contribute to the major development of their modern RPC Connect application. My first project involved writing automation scripts with C# and Iron Python for benchmark testing to measure timing performances. These statistical results would be relayed to the marketing team at MTS, and the data was sourced from Jaguar Land Rover and General Motors. Working with another intern over the summer, I learned the critical software development practice of pair programming. Learning how to remotely collaborate honed my communication skills and vastly increased our code quality. My next significant project was converting over 1200 icons throughout the Connect application from PNG files to SVGs. This was implemented through WPF and XAML modifications to their references in the codebase, and a third-party bash script. We were able to resolve all scalability and resolution issues with the application icons for our clients. My last project involved performing critical QA and regression testing on the application's plotting features before initial release to clients. Some other software tools and technologies I utilized at MTS were: Azure DevOps, Git version control, and Visual Studio.

Lead Software Development Intern

Encephalo Investments - Minneapolis, MN

December 2019 - September 2020

Encephalo Investments is a long and short investment firm with divisions in equity research and quantitative analysis. When the firm initially started up, I joined as a Quantitative Analysis intern which developed my programming competency and financial intuition. My first project involved developing screening software built with Python, ReactJS, and Firebase which expedited research processes through quantitative insights. I additionally worked on a portfolio performance indicator tool which was an auxiliary to manual portfolio management that used Monte Carlo simulations to judge the future performance of different equities. This was also built with Python and the Flask framework, and we thoroughly leaned on Git version control for collaboration efficiency. I transitioned into a project management role as our company expanded and became the Lead Software Development Intern in May 2020. I was given the task of leading our weekly meetings as well as managing a small group of interns. I facilitated the software development team to ensure the execution of Agile and Scrum methodologies, and I assigned out appropriate tasks from our project backlog to maximize efficiency. Furthermore, I developed and conducted interview and hiring processes to source top candidates for our software development and financial engineering teams.

Technical Skills

Here are some of programming languages and software tools and technologies that I have utilized within my projects and work experience.

  • Python

  • C

  • Matlab

  • Java

  • RPi

  • Azure

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